Back pain starts hereIntervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy for discal back pain and sciatica is well established in the US where there are some 800 clinics offering IDD treatment. The technology has recently been introduced to the UK and Devonshire Osteopaths is one of the few London clinics providing IDD Therapy. There are now 17 clinics offering IDD Therapy throughout the UK, including two hospitals.

The first practitioner conference was held on 21 March 2014 at Toynbee Hall – close to Devonshire Osteopaths and where Peter Beaumont and Lisa Erickson have provided a free clinic for the elderly for over five years.

All clinics are reporting successful treatments.  The aim of the day was to enable practitioners to share experiences and to look at ways to improve treatment and patient outcomes.

The question all IDD Therapy patients want to know is ‘When will I feel the benefits of treatment’. IDD Therapy is an intensive physical therapy, and the standard protocol for treatments is 20 treatments over a six-week period. The collective view of the day was that improvements are likely to begin towards the later stages of treatment, often not before 15 sessions – although of course patients are individuals and prediction is not appropriate.

The meeting also discussed the quality of MRI imaging, exercise regimes and the role of education in back care. For more details about IDD Therapy and developments contact Peter or Lisa on 020 7377 7525.