Devonshire Osteopaths has undertaken a weekly free clinic for the over-50 users of Toynbee Hall for over two hears. Hear what Graham Fisher, the Chief Executive of Toynbee Hall, has to say…

One of the residents at Toynbee Hall speaks about our work…

You were invaluable and I respect all that you have done for me, and what you do for others.

Mr J.S. 40-year old serving Police Officer, (London)

Low back and hip pain


I was in the early stages of a frozen shoulder when I first went to be treated at Devonshire Osteopaths and  was in much pain and had limited mobility. I was in a lot of pain and could not unaided do many things including taking off or putting on a shirt or jacket. Also driving was hard including changing gear. I was given a wide variety of treatments within an overall treatment strategy including massage, stretching, medical acupuncture, air-punching and air-swimming! And even carrying a tray headheight with a glass of water on it! I was also given a varied range of exercises to follow between treatments.

My shoulder now has no pain and I do not feel any constraint in mobility. I am delighted with the outcome of treatment and the high standard of care provided at Devonshire Osteopaths. Thank you!!!

Mr S: 63-year old Health Service Management Consultant, (Bristol)
Frozen shoulder


My shoulder is amazing. It has just improved every single day and the movement is nearly 100% back to normal … I am still doing my exercises every day. Thank you so much for doing such a great job (as you had done with the other shoulder before) …

Ms S: 59-year old Secretary, (London)
Postural stress


I’ve been suffering lower back pain and bouts of sciatica for the better part of 15 years. 5 years ago I started therapy at Devonshire Osteopaths and the combination of treatments given; acupuncture, joint manipulation, stretches and massage, has helped me so much more than any other treatment I’d received. But the treatment didn’t stop when I left the building, small exercises that I could comfortably do at home or at work were taught to me to help keep my back mobile between treatments. I now lead a much more active lifestyle than before.

Ms G: 34-year old Accountant, (London)
Back pain


I have been fine for two days and went for a long run last night! I feel perfectly fine this morning too… You are a miracle worker and I am sure at some point soon I will be back! I have given your cards out and put them on our notice board…!

Mr G: 33-year old Hedge Fund Manager, (Herts)
Back pain


Thank you so much for the follow up! Back itself is really 100 percent perfect now. Have still had some sciatic pain on my left hip/thigh, but I think (finally!) that is improving too. So overall very pleased, thank you for your help, and your reassurance, which was tremendously comforting! … Thanks again!

Ms J: 38-year old Economist, (London)
Low Back pain, sciatica